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The Wild Twins’ rocky road to social media stardom

Image result for The Wild Twins' rocky road to social media stardomWhen Woman’s Day arrives at the home of twin sisters Amber and Serena Shine, the two stunning redheads who greet us at the door certainly don’t look like your typical mountaineers.

The athletic beauties have become social media stars after sharing their crazy adventures across the globe and in their hometown of Waiuku under the nickname The Wild Twins.

From running the world’s highest marathon on Mount Everest to climbing trees with monkeys in the Amazon and shooting 98kg stags in the bush, the 27-year-olds certainly live up to the “wild” part of their nickname.

“People often don’t believe us when we tell them the stories of the things we’ve done,” laughs Amber, whose day job is working as a civil engineer.

“There are moments when we feel crazy and ask ourselves, ‘Why are we doing this?’ Like if we’ve been hiking for 12 hours, carrying 30kg packs through a snowstorm. But then five minutes later, when you get up to the top, you realise it’s awesome.”

As they pose for photos showing off their rock-solid abs and sculpted arms, the dynamic duo make it all look easy. But just five years ago, they were in a very different position as Serena lay in a hospital bed listening to doctors tell her she might never walk again.

Both girls have sustained their fair share of injuries as a result of their adventurous spirits, but when Serena broke her back in two places after a backflip went wrong while snowboarding, they thought it was all over.

“Before the surgery, they weren’t sure what would happen,” tells Serena, who runs her own glamping business.