Interesting Rummy Events for Enterprising Women

Rummy is a game that amuses the fairer sex too. The increased organising skills required for the game makes this an ideal choice for women card games’ players. Women enjoy games that put their planning and organising skills to test. Female enterprisers are women who are into business and enterprising. These are women who enjoy making money through different means. They are street smart and have a keen eye for business. Have a look at the different activities related to rummy where these women would love to participate and show their unique skills.

Rummy Tournaments Online

Most of the rummy gaming sites like Khelplay Rummy understand the need to attract players to their site. That is the reason they organise rummy tournaments at regular intervals to add excitement to the site. Most of these rummy tourneys are cash tournaments and the winners get cash prizes. In rare occasions, there are also tournaments that allow you to win gadgets as prizes. Female rummy players would love to participate in such tournaments and win some stunning prizes to prove their unique skills in the game.

Rummy Quizzes

Enterprising women always seek benefit in whatever they do or take up. This is why a rummy quiz is their ideal opportunity to not just flaunt their skills in rummy but also to make some money as prize money. The present trend of rummy gaming apps cannot be ignored. Many of the new rummy gaming apps come up with unique rummy quizzes to draw the attention of the players to their app or product. An enterprising woman may use this tactic if her company launches a rummy gaming app. She may come up with the most interesting quizzes regarding rummy and you will surely be tempted to play rummy online on the brand she is marketing.

Rummy Kitty Parties

An excellent opportunity for enterprising women to build their business network in a casual way is through rummy kitty parties. Women enjoy socialising and kitty parties are a great way for women to socialise. These parties also help you meet other women rummy players. As enterprising rummy players in the fairer sex meetup, they also come up with unique products to market rummy games and take them to the next level. It also helps them come up with unique ideas to reach rummy to people in remote locations.

Rummy Competitions in Office

Most modern offices understand the need for relaxation. That is why they have created special zones where people can relax and spend their free time. These are places where professionals spend their free time playing rummy, carroms, chess and other interesting games. Women love to be a part of such events.

An enterprising woman will understand the need to organise as well as be a part of office rummy tournaments. These are usually organised during functions or festivals. There is a prize money for the final winner. Women who know well how to play rummy games can enjoy such sessions and also make money through these.

Rummy App Reviews

If you are a fresher in your profession and are looking for unique ways to make money through your rummy skills, this one is for you. Check out the different rummy apps such as Khelplay Rummy. Share your reviews, feedback and comments for the apps. You may also post some ideas to help the app improve. If the app owners like your ideas, they may appreciate your ideas with a good reward. They may invite you to the team for more creative inputs as this one.

Rummy Website Feedback

An enterprising woman will be interested in providing her valuable feedback to websites when they come up with feedback questionnaires and quizzes. The feedback sessions usually reward the best answers with membership to the new rummy website account.

Rummy is a game of skills and as enterprising women, we need to work together and find ideas to keep these games alive. Come up with interesting décor ideas that keep the memory of rummy alive in the minds of player. Launch events and invite people to recreate the age-old rummy sessions.