Google adds the Pixel 3a to its Android Enterprise Recommended program


Google has added the $399 Pixel 3a to its Android Enterprise Recommended program, potentially getting the low-cost device into the hands of more knowledge workers.

Rolled out last week at the Google I/O conference, Google says the Pixel 3a offers enterprise-grade performance and support for zero-touch enrollment. Google also promises the new phone has enterprise-grade security with monthly security updates. It also comes with Gogole’s custom Titan M security chip.

The Android Enterprise Recommended program launched in 2018 and now includes devices from more than 20 OEMs. It also covers tablets, rugged devices, enterprise mobility management vendors and managed service providers. Citing survey results from HMD, Google says a large portion of IT decision makers are using the Android Enterprise Recommended program to choose devices for their teams.

The program includes a few other devices running Android 9 Pie that are under $400, including the Nokia 7.1, Moto G7 and Sharp AQUOS Sense.