Apple is announcing new iPads and Macs on October 30

Apple is holding a brand new launch event on October 30 in New York City, at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. As usual, the company has only released a cryptic teaser image alongside the invite, and you can see it below.

Obviously this will be a product launch, and since new iPhones and Apple Watches were unveiled last month, what could this possibly be about? Oh wait, it’s new iPads. Specifically, the 2018 editions of the two sizes of the iPad Pro.

Theze tablets have been leaked quite a few times already – they will have very small bezels and rounded screen corners, Face ID and no Home button, and from the leaked renders we expect them to be very thin.

It’s also possible (and high time) that Apple unveils a spiritual successor to the incredibly old MacBook Air, still the entry-level laptop in the company’s lineup. Perhaps a design more reminiscent of 2018 would be in order? And a processor from this era too? Rumors also talked about the long overdue Mac Mini update happening at this event as well, and we may even see new AirPods. So it looks like it will be a busy one for Apple.


Conserve Your Mac’s Battery Power With This Keyboard Setting

Whenever I fly, I always end up dialing the brightness down on my laptop to its lowest possible setting. In some cases, I’m straining my eyes to be able to see what’s on the screen, but it’s worth it for the precious few extra minutes of battery life I might get while I’m in the air and away from power.

This week CNET made another battery-saving suggestion that’s worth a try: powering off the keyboard’s backlight

The idea here is to set your keyboard’s backlight so that it powers off after a period of inactivity, not so it’s off all the time (I know I definitely need it, especially in those dimly-lit situations). It’s the same concept as the Energy Saver feature you might use to turn off the display when you’ve walked away, but keyboard specific and the feature is located in a different menu.

To get to it, go to System Preferences on your Mac and then Keyboard. From there check the box labeled “Turn keyboard backlight off after __ of inactivity” and then choose how long you’d like it to wait.

Screenshot: Apple / E.Price

You can pick anything from 5 seconds to 5 minutes here. CNET recommends going with 30 seconds. That’s not a bad idea, but I can see some benefits in going shorter as well. You don’t want to do 5 seconds and turn your keyboard into a strobe of stopping and starting lights, but 10 seconds is a decent option, depending on how you typically use your computer.

Give a few settings a test drive and see what works for you.

You’re not going to save a tremendous amount of battery power with this, but when you’re away from an outlet, every second counts.


Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite’s gradient back is actually transparent

The Mi 8 Lite is Xiaomi’s first device to feature a gradient paint job and it uses the so-called nano-sputtering process that also made the Huawei P20 Pro’s back gradient. But there’s more to it – Mi 8 Lite’s back is actually transparent glass, which when placed on a dark surface produces the gradient effect. But how does it pull it off?

Xiaomi explains that the designers have gone through quite the hassle to produce the gradient and the key lies within the transparent glass panel. It’s subjected to numerous coating layers forming a nano-scale thickness difference on the surface, which isn’t visible to the naked eye but when placed on a dark surface and under the right lighting conditions, the color starts to shift.

Xiaomi even published a video showcasing the effect (at the source link below) and said users can remove the back glass and see for themselves if they don’t believe it. Although, it’s certainly not recommended.