“Ralph Breaks The Internet” Stays No. 1 While “Creed II” Slips A Spot

Image result for "Ralph Breaks The Internet" Stays No. 1 While "Creed II" Slips A SpotHolding on to the the No. 1 spot this week is “Ralph Breaks the Internet” bringing in an estimated $25.7 million in its second weekend out. That’s about what the folks at Disney were expecting for the the reliably quiet weekend after Thanksgiving.

This is actually the third year in a row Disney’s animation department has dominated Turkey Day at the box office. Disney’s Pacific Island Princess, Moana made her debut Thanksgiving 2016 and led the box office for three weeks in a row. Last year, “Coco” did the same and now it’s Wreck it Ralph’s turn.

With no new movies expected to crack the top 3 until “Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse” on December 14th, I’m expecting Disney to go three for three on dominating the post-Thanksgiving box office.

Jumping into the No. 2 spot this week is “The Grinch” bringing in an estimated $17.7 million in its fourth week out. “The Grinch” stealing the No. 2 spot from Creed, which just premiered last week, is great news for Illumination studios. They’re hoping to the green one can maintain this staying power all the way through the Christmas season.

Falling to No. 3 this week is “Creed II” bringing in an estimated $16.8 million in its sophomore weekend. After helping push last weekend’s box office haul to a record high, ticket sales for “Creed II” dropped more than 50%.

But please don’t feel bad for Michael B. The original “Creed” film made about $110 domestic dollars total. After just twelve days in theaters “Creed II” has a domestic total of $81 million and it’s got at least another week without any new box office competition.

But more importantly, you should probably never feel bad for Michael B. Jordan.

As for next week, nothing new coming to theaters so I guess we just have to keep watching this awesome Spider-Verse trailer. And that’s okay with me.


Another Warning About Scams On Social Media

Image result for Another Warning About Scams On Social Media

The police have issued yet another warning about deceptive social media accounts impersonating Government officials.

There have been repeated warnings over these fake accounts, which have been been a problem since 2017, and involve the scammer[s] starting accounts purporting to be Ministers, MP and at least one former MP, with the fake accounts repeatedly sending messages to locals trying to solicit money under the guise of various programmes.

A police spokesperson said, “The Bermuda Police Service continues to advise members of the public to be vigilant regarding deceptive social media accounts impersonating Government officials.

“These fake social media profiles are being used to contact individuals and make demands of money for alleged Government initiatives and proposals.

“In one recent example a request alluded to the Bermuda Government offering grants and if persons were interested, they should send $700 to an undisclosed location via FedEx and in return, they would receive a $50,000 grant.

“Residents should be aware that this is a scam and are advised to verify any online messages they may receive claiming to be from a member of parliament – by calling the Government of Bermuda on 295-5151.

“Ask to speak with a Department of Communications representative regarding the supposed online proposal or initiative before divulging any personal information.

“Anyone with any information regarding the individual[s] creating or using these fraudulent social media accounts is asked to contact the main police telephone number 295-0011 or the independent and confidential Crime Stoppers hotline 800-8477.