Amazon Emotion-detecting, Voice-Activated Wearable Gadget in the Works

Amazon’s research, development & computer hardware group, Lab126 and virtual assistant, Alexa Voice Service (AVS) are together developing a voice-activated wearable gadget which can detect the emotional state of the user.

The gadget can be paired with the smartphone. Different emotions of the user will be identified by the gadget through the voice of the user through microphones. Reports are that the device will further give suggestions to users on how to interact with people.

Amazon has earlier expressed its interest in the health sector and bought the online pharmacy, PillPack with a deal of $753 million.

According to the sources, the upcoming gadget will be health and wellness product. With this Amazon is set to make its entry into the health sector. Lab126 is working with the Alexa team that developed Amazon’s smart speakers to create the new wrist-worn gadget.

The reports are that the company is set to run a beta test. But if the test is related to the software or the hardware is unclear. Sources closely related to the development have stated that the same might end up as an experiment and never become a commercial product by Amazon.

A patent system details of 2017 that uses voice to identify a person’s emotional state and which will offer suggestions were given out by Amazon. According to the reports, the gadget will also carry the technology that will help differentiate the user’s voice from the background noise.

The health care product is among the other hardware projects overlooked by Amazon that will add to the product list of Alexa. There was also news that the leading e-commerce company is developing AirPod style wireless earbuds, with a built-in voice assistant.

Amazon had confirmed that the Alexa recordings are analyzed by the employees to improve its accuracy, but had raised privacy concerns.  The question of whether the public will accept the device that identifies the human moods still remains.